How to Soothe Babies| CT Newborn Photography | Claudia Carballo Photography

Soothing techniques are essential to newborn photography. I’ve been asked often, what is the secret for a newborn photographer to keep babies so comfortable and sleepy to achieve those cute poses during a newborn session. What has helped me the most is a combination of tips that Dr. Harvey Karp developed and explains them as the 5 S’s in his book “Happiest Babies.” As a baby photographer, the 5 S’s are essential in creating beautiful newborn baby portraits. For this I’m so happy to share what works for me. I hope new parents will find it helpful to soothe their children. 

1st S: Swaddling

A snugly wrapped with a soft blanket is very soothing to a baby because it recreates the coziness that a baby experiences in the womb.  This also reduces startles that usually wake a baby up and interrupts his/her sleep.

2nd S: Side Lying or Stomach position

Holding baby on his/her sides or stomach causes a mellowing effect in a baby, it helps them relax right back to sleep. 

3rd S: Shushing 

Babies hear the sound of blood while they are in the womb. To recreate that shushing noise, there are many apps, toys, and tools out there to help parents. I personally use  “Baby Shusher.” Works like a charm! 

4th S: Swing
Small gentle movements (up and down or side to side) soothe babies. It recreates the swinging movement that a baby experiences in the womb.

Remember to keep the movements small and gentle while supporting the baby’s neck and head.

5th S: Sucking The pacifier!

Sucking is very relaxing and calming for babies. It keeps babies in a state of tranquility. 

I hope you find these tips helpful.  You can further read about Dr. Harvey Karp methods at his website: